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Bound Sound 

The Bound Sound Project is where cognitive psychology and art intertwine. We aim to make the emotional richness of music come alive in a tangible and accessible manner.

Our approach is unique: we craft personalized books that span diverse musical genres, each linked to specific book genres.  Many people engaged in this project share a deep passion for music, making it a vital element of their lives. 

It is a reflective experience that invites readers and authors alike to immerse themselves in a world where every chapter has its own unique soundtrack. 

Writing Songs That Connect

Each book is meticulously paired with music albums and compositions that align with the client's preferred genre, enhancing the overall journey. Explore the depths of these books, where readers will discover a QR code within each chapter, unlocking a musical composition that complements the narrative.

Songwriting Process


    The art featured in the books we put together with our collaborators is carefully selected to reflect the mood and energy of both the music and the story, creating a sensory experience that transcends traditional reading. 

Behind the Chapters 


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